What is Holiday Connection?

Holiday Connection is a volunteer-based, countywide partnership between schools, churches, DFACS, and aid organizations in Barrow County. We work with other agencies to ensure we are helping the most children we can, identifying children and families who might otherwise slip through the cracks, and to keep duplication of services to a minimum.

How We Work

· Families assisted by Holiday Connection go through an application process to qualify.

· Applications are reviewed by a committee based on standard criteria and are rated based on need.

· Partnering with the community, many of our applicants are "adopted" out to sponsor families, churches and organizations who will provide their Christmas.

· Any families that we cannot find a sponsor for are invited to "shop" the Holiday Connection store. The store is stocked with toys that are donated or purchased with donated funds.

· This allows the families to have Christmas with dignity - choosing the toys that are appropriate for their children.

Holiday Connection is a Barrow County Family Connection program serving Barrow County families since 1999.        All donations are tax deductible.

Make an impact on a child’s life. Our volunteers are not paid, but their rewards are endless!

Volunteers for Holiday Connection serve in many capacities and we can’t do it without them. Here’s what some of our elves had to say:

“We delivered the toys from a sponsor to a family of 5 children living with a grandmother because of a bad home situation. The grandmother was so thankful that she wept! She said she barely had enough money to pay her utilities and knew she would be unable to put anything under the Christmas tree.”

“One young couple I took through the store shared their story with me – the father had been laid off from work and the mother was working at the only part time job she could find. They had had to apply for food stamps and had three young children at home. These would be the only gifts the children received.”

“Playing elf at the store was an amazing experience for me. I have never had the opportunity to make a real difference in someone’s life that I could actually see. This is something that I will be back for every year there is a need.”

Each year we have a shortage of teenage gifts

If you are not able to shop for teenage gifts, please consider donating gift cards for department and electronic stores to purchase gifts for the older children.

Thank you in advance!

Holiday Connection needs your help.

Can you imagine what it would be like to have your children wake up on Christmas morning and not have any gifts under the tree?

That is the dilemma that many children faced last year in Barrow County. Thanks to generous donations from community members like yourself, those children were able to open gifts on Christmas morning!

We need your help. Last year we raised $12,000 to supplement toy donations. We hope to help more families this year than ever. Our goal is to raise $15,000 towards making Barrow County children’s holidays special this year. We need to rally together, as a community, to achieve our ultimate goal: to ensure that all families in need of assistance receive help during the holiday season. Eligible families who apply are invited to “shop” the Holiday Connection Store in December. The store gives families a way to provide gifts for their family with dignity by choosing the gifts that are the right fit for their family.

You can help be an “ELF” for a child by either a monetary donation, volunteering, or donating a new, unwrapped toy for ages 0-18.  Volunteers are needed to gather and sort toys for the store.

We appreciate your consideration and dedication to making every child’s holiday season a little brighter.

If you have questions concerning Holiday Connection please contact 770-530-0687.

journals or sketch pads

toiletries - perfume or cologne

photo album

jewelry or jewelry organizer

make-up or shaving kits

hair accessories

sports team items

DVD or movie pass

hobby equipment (fishing, scrapbooking, etc)


purse or wallet


sports equipment

board games